The World is Your Oyster

World is Your Oyster

Did anyone ever say this to you, “The world is your oyster”? I woke up this morning with a whole new interpretation. Find out what it is…

Procrastination & Perfectionism

When I was in college, I was paralyzed by perfectionism… Read how I overcame Procrastination & Perfectionism and how you can too!

Lost in the Woods

Not that long ago, I was out for a morning walk, a routine I’ve developed over the last year and the craziest thing happened!

What Motivates You to Keep Going?

Waking up and going to work is challenging for many people. In some ways, it can be easier for an entrepreneur… in other ways, it can be harder. Read more…

Shifting Identity… Intentionally

What was new to me was the idea of intentionally shifting your identity. Now, I’m not talking delusional or criminal, as in Inventing Anna. But…

The Vision & The Mission

I have a vision!
Can I share it with you?

It may not be as grand and lofty as Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream…