Practicing Patience

Patience is a virtue. Patience is also a practice. Some people naturally have more of it. Everyone has more or less, in different circumstances or settings.

Are you practicing patience?

For years I taught preschool and people would say to me, “I could never do that. You must have so much patience.” I just adored the kids I worked with. I light up when I’m around kiddos. I get them and they get me. But ask me to stand in line for a museum, a concert, the bathroom, or anything really, and I become a full-fledged four-year-old myself!

I have recently been practicing stillness, quietness, and tuning in through yoga, meditation, coloring, and breathing. 

Do you have a practice or routine that helps you relax, reflect and build patience?

Being in business requires patience. It also requires perseverance and tenacity, and resilience. These are in their own way all forms of patience or require patience as well.

Building a successful company doesn’t happen overnight. Even if someone appears to be an overnight success, rest assured that years of planning, preparation, and hard work went into getting them there.

In that period of preparing and honing your craft, learning and growing through studying, personal development, and mistakes made, there are moments where the only thing you can do is be patient. When you’ve done all there is to do. Like the night before a big talk, or a launch.

There may be a sense of excitement, or uncertainty, discomfort, anxiety, or ambiguity in these moments. Sometimes, if we don’t realize this is a period of waiting and practicing being patient, we may frantically search for what we should be doing or think something is wrong. Some will even scrap their whole project or worse, their whole business, deeming it a failure. 

If, on the other hand, you do identify these periods for what they are, you may find it’s a good time to step away and rest, relax, have fun, do something creative, or connect with friends and family. Play and enjoy this time! It can open up your mindset to next steps and energize you for what will be required of you when the time for waiting patiently inevitably comes to an end.

Finding your own natural rhythm, following the flow of each season and moment, and tuning into feminine intuition will help you to maximize your energy and efficiency, create sustainability and prevent burnout.

Do you know when it’s time to work and time to rest?

Do you go, go, go or feel guilt when your rest?

Maybe resting is something you only do once you’re exhausted and depleted.

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Author, Adelle King

Adelle King is a business coach working with female entrepreneurs to help them shine their light and turn their brilliance into a thriving, profitable business they love!

She has 10 years of experience working on the backend of online businesses. You name it, she’s probably done it! And 10 years of facilitating deep, transformational healing work, leading workshops in Access Consciousness®, personal growth, spiritual and intuitive development, and deep healing. She now integrates it all into her coaching. She holds a Master’s Degree in Education and has been Certified as a Rapid Results Coach, Instant Miracle Master, Access Bars & Body Process Facilitator, CFMW, and more.

She loves guiding women to develop their vision of their dream life and then inspiring and empowering them to go make it their reality!
Her guiding principle is, “Whatever you desire for your business and your life, whatever that looks like for you… you can have that!”

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