You Don't Have to Do it Alone

Don't do it alone

You don’t have to do it all alone. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should or that you have to. I don’t mean should in the judgy, ‘I’m right, you’re wrong,’ sort of way. I simply mean, it might not be the easiest path to getting you where you’d like to go.

Right now, doing it all yourself might feel like the only choice. You may be thinking, ‘I have to do it on my own or it won’t get done. I don’t have a choice.” First, you always have a choice! And second, I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to do it alone.

Believe me, I get it. I’ve been a solopreneur and run other people’s businesses, taking on tons of responsibilities, trying to do it all by myself. In fact, that’s how I burnt myself out. It wasn’t pretty. I felt like a shell of a human being. It took me between 3 months and a whole year to recover. I don’t recommend it.

In previous blog articles, I’ve written about The Essential Value of Community & Connection for Entrepreneurs,” and how knowing the answer to, What Motivates You to Keep Going? you can delegate the tasks that are difficult or unenjoyable for you, as well as, Why I’m No Longer In Business,” and started calling my business a company because it’s about adding more and more people! If you haven’t yet read these, I highly recommend checking them out.

This week, I am celebrating that I am officially transitioning from being a solopreneur to having a team to help me in my business. But the truth is, I haven’t been alone in my business in a long time. By having business coaches to guide me and fellow entrepreneurs who I met through masterminds and other entrepreneur communities and organizations, I have had amazing support along the way.

If you have been doing it on your own and you are ready for guidance, support, and community on your journey, I invite you to schedule a Complimentary 1-on-1 Double Your Sales and Profit Business Breakthrough Session with me. Let’s do this together!

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Author, Adelle King

Adelle King is a business coach working with female entrepreneurs to help them shine their light and turn their brilliance into a thriving, profitable business they love!

She has 10 years of experience working on the backend of online businesses. You name it, she’s probably done it! And 10 years of facilitating deep, transformational healing work, leading workshops in Access Consciousness®, personal growth, spiritual and intuitive development, and deep healing. She now integrates it all into her coaching. She holds a Master’s Degree in Education and has been Certified as a Rapid Results Coach, Instant Miracle Master, Access Bars & Body Process Facilitator, CFMW, and more.

She loves guiding women to develop their vision of their dream life and then inspiring and empowering them to go make it their reality!
Her guiding principle is, “Whatever you desire for your business and your life, whatever that looks like for you… you can have that!”

A Special Invitation for You!


Your Business Breakthrough Session

If you’re done doing it all on your own… this is for you!

A complimentary Double Your Sales & Profit Business Breakthrough Session

In this 1-on-1 session, you will…

  • Clarify your big vision for your life and your business
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be costing you time, money and clients
  • Get crystal clear on your next easy action steps
  • Feel energized, inspired and revitalized about moving forward in your business

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